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The window for standard capacity magazines is long past.

At this point in time if you ordered standard capacity magazines within the window, received the magazines, and a
magazine(s) is broken or defective and you want to return it for a replacement, then this magazine exchange will work
like the roster where if the manufacturer under warranty has to replace the frame to return the firearm to service and
the original firearm which was on the roster is no longer listed, you do not get back your original model but offered
the closest equivalent that is on the roster.

You may contact the vendor to send the standard capacity magazine(s) back back and receive a refund if the terms of sale
allow a refund, but you will not receive a replacement. If you receive a replacement it will be for a magazine that
holds 10 rounds or less in exchange for the magazine returned which holds more than 10 rounds.

Also at this point in time whatever the contracted terms of sale by the vendor for standard capacity magazines, you are
SOL if you expect to receive them let alone attempt to order more. As far as standard capacity magazines it does not
matter whatever the terms of any agreement on how long you have to complete the transaction, you are still SOL. As far
as standard capacity magazines the window is closed, the door is shut, that train has left the station, and that ship
has sailed. There is no sales in perpetuity, protected class, extended back-orders, or anything else. Any attempts to
push this nonsense and it could be considered to be acting in bad faith in regards to the stay by Benitez.

Now what the Calguns forum members and their 2A friends did on their own was the single biggest movement ever
accomplished for firearm owners in California even though the Benitez order barely had any media coverage. The very
large quantities of standard capacity magazines which were legally purchased in that short one week window was because
there was an huge inventory of readily available magazines in stock. That would seem to establish 'common use'.

All that needed to be done was to establish common use. That was done and it was big. What are we to do? Well, you wait
for this to go through the courts. Now we stand back and let our lawyers work with that and other arrows they have in
their quiver. Whether the 9th even considers common-use is something else though.
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