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Originally Posted by Piper View Post
1. The fact of the matter is this, we as citizens are told that on the one hand we can defend ourselves in our homes, however, if we do and the dirtbag lives, we can be sued. If a person is financially unable to support themselves in a civil suit, they are effectively screwed.
This a long standing issue that needs to be addressed in this country. It happens not only to private citizens but also police depts. which drains tax payer dollars. There needs to be something put in place to make a private person or a public agency immune from civil liability once a self-defense act is deemed justified. The civil suit thing has just been too long abused in this country by the dirtbags and the ambulance chasing attorneys that represent them.

Originally Posted by Piper View Post
6. Lets not forget that while we are disarmed and have to rely on the police for protection, the courts have ruled that police are not obligated to protect us personally. So, it becomes a crap shoot in that if you choose to actually stand against criminal behavior, you are effectively on your own unless others around you choose to stand shoulder to shoulder with you or you're lucky enough to have a cop around when you actually need one.
That's my point....there need to be more mutual back up of our fellow citizens. Take the dirtbags demonstrating in the streets for Mixon. There should have 10 times the number of people out there expressing their rage at the criminals who infest that area. But that didn't happen? Why not? The rage against the criminals needs to be taken public! If a good citizen is gettin' run thru the mill by LEAs and DAs for a self defense act there needs to be more public outcry. Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when an innocent person gets killed by a dirtbag gangbanger?
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