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Originally Posted by mshill View Post
Kelly may feel like he won't get re-elected anyway and make this his last parting gift to his wife. Synema, on the other hand, could pull a Manchion and take her chances with the constituency, after all, she is part of a cross-sectional protected class. Where Kelly is in fact just a white male.
You may be right. I forgot about Kelly's wife, until a friend of mine mentioned it to me this morning, and said essentially the same thing you are saying.

Even if both these senators vote in favor of it, the bill still won't pass the senate. I kind of hope they both vote for it, in the hopes that they'll get replaced in their next elections.

Both of these senators are going to have to have a real come-to-Jesus moment on voting yea or nay for this bill. If they vote yea, I don't think they'll get re-elected.
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