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Not with AmmoBros, but another store. I had friend at work at the time, that told me that the gunsmith in Long Beach, was really good.. So I needed a pistol (Trigger) job done. I took it in, and well they almost destroyed my Colt 1911. When I got it back, I could not get it to eject an empty case, or any case for that matter. I was still need to the whole GS idea, so I did not want to mess it up. So I took it to someone that was only (Main business) is gunsmithing. Other then the ejector, it was OK. Not totally sure all what they did, but it took me a long time to trust it again. So I am glad that I have read this, I will never take my guns there... I did a PPT there, and it was only 20 so it was not bad.
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