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Originally Posted by 17+1 View Post
Last question:

What constitutes open carry of magazines? My belt holster may be 'iffy'...

I have a dual mag belt holster for the magazines but there is a velcrow flip top that causes the magazine to be completely covered. Pull up on the cover and the baseplates and half an inch or so of mag body is visible, but not so when it is closed.

I was thinking it may be wise to safety pin the top open so there is no question...
IMO you do not need to go to these extremes. The only reason anyone can even argue that a concealed magazine is a concealed handgun is with the very tenuous People v Hale decision. It is highly unlikely that this will even come up in rural areas. And having them in belt holsters that completely cover them with a flap does not conceal them just like a handgun in a full flap holster is not concealed per 12025(f). (At least until/if AB1934 passes, when 12025(f) will be deleted from the PC.)

Originally Posted by IrishPirate View Post
So are State Recreation Areas the same as State Parks since they are run by State Parks Employees???? What's the difference between a S.P. and a S.R.A.????
State Recreation Areas are managed by the same agency that manages the Parks, the Department of Parks and Recreation. The same rules apply to both. However, per 14 CCR 4501, hunting does seem to be allowed in a few specific Recreation Areas, but then there are new codes (CPRC 5003.1) that override the older codes. I'd call these area administrators and ask before going.

ETA: Looks like the direct link to 14 CCR 4501 doesn't work, so if you want to read which areas are mentioned, you'll have to go here, and browse your way through to Title 14, Division 3, Chapter 5.

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