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Originally Posted by errorz View Post
When going up Holy Jim in Silverado, you see the "entering National Forestry Area" and upon leaving it reminds you of your departure. There is the posted sign as well that states "no shooting near campsites, buildings, etc"

The difficult part of Holy Jim is at the trailhead marker, there are the NFS "NO SHOOTING" stickers.

I have carried LOC before for safety, though wonder if because of the stickers (no sign) that this is not permitted. There is no camping allowed up there nor buildings (short of the radio towers at the top) to have to worry about...

If anyone can shed light on these stickers, that would be great. But for me, It still has a degree of gray area...
Per 36 CFR 261.50 and 36 CFR 261.58, the local forest supervisor can close off areas to shooting. And when they do, they are required to post it. This is likely the reason for your signs. The question then becomes, how far or where exactly this shooting restriction extends. This would be a good time to contact your local ranger station and find out. In these areas you are limited to UOC. It is important to remember though, that they can only prohibit shooting. They do not have the legal authority to ban the possession or carry of firearms. (Update: Per 36 CFR 261.57 they can ban possession, but only in wilderness areas.)

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