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I'm not here for the religious discussion but if you watch the movie closely most scenes and his super style fighting are explained by him using a better than normal sense of smell or hearing that a blind person ( from birth especially ) might have but if you take a slow and careful look at this one scene...

He does some things that don't seem possible like for instance he knew exactly the level of the shotgun even though it hadn't made any other than it closing with a cocking sound more than a few seconds prior, also he knew exact distance to the man's arms maybe going by the guy's voice or bad smelling breath.

Lastly he looks behind him before he pulls his Kung Fu style gun grab. Although that possibly could be explained as he was just distracting the guy.

Regardless, if any ordinary blind man tried to pull something like with a suspicious stranger with a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun they would get shot either accidentally or purposely.

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