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My apologies for such a long post but I’m making up for lost time.



During our time away a lot has been going on. We moved from the crowded and oppressively expensive San Francisco Bay Area to Diamond Springs in beautiful El Dorado County California. Unlike the Bay Area, we were welcomed in EDC with open arms. We retained two of our Bay Area employees and hired an awesome group of highly qualified EDC locals. We have established many ties with local advocacy groups, businesses, and law enforcement and we are currently preparing to move into a larger facility later this year.

California DOJ did not renew our high capacity magazine permit at the end of 2016 which killed our very successful line of blocked magazines. Their reason was that legally blocking magazines to ten rounds was not what the permit was intended for (even though we honestly explained our propose for wanting the permit FOR THE PREVIOUS EIGHT YEARS!!).

In 2017, we saw the decimation of nearly 1/3 of our product lines including the Ultimate Bullet Button Tool, the UBML ambidextrous magazine lock, and our entire line of ambidextrous magazine locked lowers. The cause was the raft of new anti-gun laws (passed by the legislature) and Prop 63 (passed by the voters).

Our GEN III FRS-15 Featureless Rifle Stock finally hit the market in June of 2017 with an incredibly positive response from customers and reviewers alike. Since its release, we have added a host of furniture upgrades, adaptors, and bundle kits that allow the FRS-15 system to fit seamlessly with a wider variety of firearm platforms (read and see pics below for more on that).


The world has certainly changed since my last post on this thread, and in the almost 10 years since our first successful AR product (The Ultimate Bullet Button Tool) was introduced here in California. Many of our freedoms have come under full frontal attack, not just our Second Amendment Rights but the very fabric of the Constitution itself. No longer are anti-freedom forces lurking in the corners and moving in the shadows. They have now infiltrated, infected, and legislated themselves right into our everyday lives.

TC is still as dedicated as ever to fighting these forces, not just here in California but all across the country. Our innovative products continue to help law abiding citizens keep and enjoy their RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS by keeping their “Modern Sporting Rifles” within the new restrictive laws forced upon them. We support and sponsor shooting matches, NRA events, and most importantly we contribute heavily to dozens of the advocacy groups and lawsuits fighting the tyranny that is destroying our state and or country.

Even if our efforts to combat and defeat anti-freedom forces mean the eventual irrelevance of our “compliance products” line of Featureless Rifle Stocks and accessories, TC as a company ( and I personally) will be proud to know that we’ve done our part to save our state and our republic and will move onto other adventures. Who knows, maybe we’ll raise Alpacas??


Despite being “BEHIND ENEMY LINES”, Thordsen Customs is proud to be a California based company and will not abandon the fight for our home like so many other businesses have. Like the majority of our dealers and resellers, we are a small family run business that is under constant attack from anti-freedom forces.

In the past few months alone, several mega corporations like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and Ebay have "drank the Kool-Aid” and joined with the anti-freedom forces by restricting or banning free commerce in their stores and on their websites. Their policy changes have had a direct and adverse impact, not only on Thordsen Customs but on hundreds of other parts manufacturers and small resellers, many whom make their sole living on “open commerce” websites like Ebay and Amazon.

We strongly encourage freedom loving citizens to purchase our products, and other supplies like ammo and parts, locally through our network of dealers whenever possible. It’s hard enough to own and run a small business here in California and your dollars help greatly to support your local small business people, their families and employees.

We encourage you to not give your hard earned money to freedom hating mega corporations that use your money to contribute to anti-freedom forces. If your local dealer does not carry our products, please drop in and request that they contact us at 650-588-3700 X 102 or 103 or refer them to the become a dealer link on our website.


TC manufactures, fabricates, and packages the majority of our products in house, but also need to rely on outside manufacturing sources that possess facilities and expertise that we do not have. Whenever outside sourcing is needed, it is my personal mission to seek out and collaborate with companies behind the “West Coast Wall of Gun Control” and more specifically within California whenever possible. We are proud that nearly 70% of our products are manufactured here in California and 100% of our products are MADE IN THE USA!!

TC designs, develops, and tests all of our products in house. We often collaborate with our dealers, manufacturers, and directly with customers nationwide for co-development of parts, accessories, prototype feedback, and testing.


The GEN III FRS-15 design has been a great success. As a featureless solution, it offers the most positive control and full function of any platform it’s installed on, and is the only featureless rifle stock on the market that is adaptable to a multitude of platforms. Currently, we build adaptations for: AR-15, AR .308, Kalashnikov variant AK-47, Yugo-Serbian variant AK-47, CZ Scorpion, SIG (MPX, MCX, 556, 556R), Faxon ARAK 21 XRS, and soon the SCAR 16 and 17.

The GEN III FRS-15 Stock is regarded by many (including dozens of independent reviewers) as the best option for featureless conversions. Both our GEN II and GEN III stocks have been featured in many magazine articles, product reviews and blogs over the years. We were honored to be included in the recent CRPA California Featureless Solutions webinar.

We have built a network of dealers, distributors, and manufacturers nationwide and have even established a firm presence in “NON RESTRICTED” states.


The GEN III FRS-15 is the most upgradable featureless system on the market. Aside from our in house designs, Thordsen Customs has partnered with several industry leaders like Dark Storm Industries, Mission First Tactical, CZ Customs, Atlantic Firearms, and Phase 5, just to name a few. From these collaborations we have developed (or are developing) a host of furniture enhancements and upgrades including (but not limited to) length of pull extensions, sling hard points, adjustable cheek rises, angled cheek rests, muzzle brakes, and blast deflectors, monopod adapters, and many more.


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