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Originally Posted by pacrat View Post
Reposting from this thread in the "AMMO FOR SALE FORUM" got no response there. Guessing it was wrong place.

Did the DOJ bureau weenies, ever get off their collective PubSec Union duffs and follow through with this requirement?

[1]....Was a standardized fee set?
PEN 30370(e).
30370(e) The department shall recover the reasonable cost of regulatory and enforcement activities related to this article by charging ammunition purchasers and transferees a per transaction fee not to exceed one dollar ($1), provided, however, that the fee may be increased at a rate not to exceed any increases in the California Consumer Price Index as compiled and reported by the Department of Industrial Relations, not to exceed the reasonable regulatory and enforcement costs.

11 CCR 4302. Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check (AFS Match).
(b) As authorized by Penal Code section 30370, subdivision (e), the fee for a Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check is $1.00.
PEN 30370(c)
30370(c). The department shall develop a procedure in which a person who is not prohibited from purchasing or possessing ammunition may be approved for a single ammunition transaction or purchase. The department shall recover the cost of processing and regulatory and enforcement activities related to this section by charging the ammunition transaction or purchase applicant a fee not to exceed the fee charged for the department’s Dealers’ Record of Sale (DROS) process, as described in Section 28225 and not to exceed the department’s reasonable costs.

11 CCR 4303. Basic Ammunition Eligibility Check (Single Transaction or Purchase).
(b) As authorized by Penal Code section 30370, subdivision (c), the fee for a Basic Ammunition Eligibility Check is $19.00.
Originally Posted by pacrat View Post
[2]....What are other "applicable fees" and how much are they?
DOJ FAQ #10.
What are the fees associated with each of the ammunition eligibility checks?
Certificate of Eligibility Verification Check - $1
Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check - $1
Basic Ammunition Eligibility Check - $19

(Pen. Code , 30370, Cal. Code of Reg., tit. 11, 4302, 4303, 4305.)

11 CCR 4263. Vendor Fee for Processing a Private Party (Non-Vendor) Ammunition Sale.
In addition to any applicable Department of Justice fee, an ammunition vendor may charge the purchaser a fee(s) for processing the sale of ammunition between two private parties as follows:
(a) If the purchaser will be present for immediate delivery of the ammunition, the fee shall not exceed five dollars ($5).
Originally Posted by pacrat View Post
[3]....Since DOJ now requires a BGC for ammo PPTs...... Are FFL's required to do them just like firearm PPTs?
More like they need to be processing them just like in-house ammo purchases.

PEN 30312.
(a) (1) Commencing January 1, 2018, the sale of ammunition by any party shall be conducted by or processed through a licensed ammunition vendor.
(2) When neither party to an ammunition sale is a licensed ammunition vendor, the seller shall deliver the ammunition to a vendor to process the transaction. The ammunition vendor shall promptly and properly deliver the ammunition to the purchaser, if the sale is not prohibited, as if the ammunition were the vendor’s own merchandise.
But, firearm PPTs had to be clarified by the AG.
Firearms dealers are required to conduct private party transfers pursuant to Penal Code section 12071(b)(5). Dealers may not limit the days or hours in which private party transfers are conducted.
Originally Posted by pacrat View Post
Any and all help appreciated. Thank You
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