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Here is another one that still shoots, although it needed a little help at first.

Back in the late 90's when I still had my FFL, I was at the Butte County Sheriff's office renewing my county license. I am at the clerk's window, and as I am finishing up, I hear a conversation in the lobby behind me. Seems this older lady has a rifle that belonged to her deceased husband. It has been sitting in her garage for some 30+ years and somewhat the worse for wear. She just wants to get rid of it short of tossing it into the trash. A deputy explained to her that the department would be happy to take it off her hands, but that she might want to try a gun shop first. That was my cue to step up and say "Hi. I am a gun shop. whaddaya got?".

What she had started life pretty much identical to the OP's photo, except the serial number prefix on mine is AD which is 1968. Aaand...the buttstock was missing. She said that at some point, someone had tried to disable the rifle. That was why the lever would not fully close, and was twisted side was about 12 degrees. The loading gate and barrel bands had been chrome plated. There were some scattered spots of surface rust on the receiver and barrel. Oh well. Free is free and the parts gotta be worth something.

On the way home, the light goes off. The next day I call Marlin customer service. "Hi. I need my rifle fixed.". As I'm reading off my fixit list, the guy stops me and says "Sir, we don't do any custom work.". I reply that I understand and further, I only want them to remove and replace factory parts. Alrighty then.

Fixit list--

Replace trigger/lever assembly and buttstock with straight grip.
Replace chrome loading gate.
Re-blue receiver.
Remove everything in front of the receiver and replace with octagon 38-55 cowboy.

A few weeks a some $375 odd bucks later, what I got back is in the photos.

Hopefully my descendants keep the paper work with the rifle. Otherwise it will drive some new Marlin collector nuts because the serial number is in the wrong place.





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