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Originally Posted by Lonestargrizzly View Post
Just ask yourself a serious question.

If they did the same exact thing in 2000, why did they wait 17 years to do round 2?
None of the conspiracy theorists seem to understand the real purpose of these assault weapon bans. It would be nice if you would grasp and face reality, but you are too busy getting all up in your righteous indignation. I don't mean you, LSG, but your question raises the issue nicely.

First, try to get this through your heads: They don't care about your stupid guns! The purpose of the legislation is not to disarm you or prepare the ground for communist tyranny or whatever end of world, "Wolverines!" New World Order, Come and Take Them, Out of My Cold Dead Fingers, fantasy you have going on, it's simply to get re-elected. The purpose of gun control legislation is to show the folks back in the constituencies that you are doing something.

Today with term limits in California (which by the way have made a dysfunctional Legislature even worse, ask your NRA-ILA rep what he thinks about that about that), it's not so much to get re-elected, but to secure your position in the Democratic pecking order for higher office or ever more comfortable government party sinecures. But it amounts to the same thing: it's not about guns or even crime or public safety, it's about professional advancement.

And you can also put aside your partisan umbrage: Republicans do the same thing, unless you have some other explanation for why the House voted something like 200 times to rescind Obamacare while knowing the legislation wouldn't get anywhere with a Democratic controlled Senate.

Second, they pick gun control because it's a Culture War issue, and today fighting the Culture War is more important for both parties than actually solving problems. Gun control is right up there with abortion and transgender bathrooms and gay marriage and flag burning and all the other stupid crap that doesn't really affect very many people, but which gets almost all Americans worked up beyond the limits of reason. They don't care about your guns, they care that you have them and want them and that simply makes you a social enemy. And BTW you harbor the same irrational enmity against them because of harmless choices they have made, so you know how it feels.

The architects of the assault weapon bans have no interest whatever in how many seconds it takes you to change a magazine, or in any other technical detail that so absorbs people on this forum. They are simply trying to fight the Culture War.

The Roberti-Roos ban was developed after the Stockton shooting by looking through firearms distributor catalogs and making a list of the scariest looking guns. That's it! No one was concerned with the lethality of this or that model (as we know, all are equally lethal). They banned "AR-15s" and "AK-47s" and congratulated themselves and called it a day.

Then in a few years later SB23 tried to close the loopholes Roberti-Roos left behind with a features based ban, again, not because anyone gave a **** about the guns, but because guns were in the news in the wake of the Columbine shooting and it was another opportunity for a high visibility Culture War victory. The features ban obviously wasn't concerned with safety or lethality (flash suppressors don't make rifles more lethal), they were simply put together in an attempt to define the sorts of firearms they want to add to the ban (which is why the 1994 Federal ban included bayonet lugs; only military long guns have bayonet lugs). Once again, they reckoned they did a pretty good job of banning a whole mess of firearms, patted themselves on the back and called it a day.

After the Harrot decision, however, AR-15s and other scary black rifles reappeared in California, in huge numbers. Did the Legislature care? They did not. Again, they don't care about your guns. They passed their legislation and as far as anyone knew or cared these firearms were banned in California. A visit to any gun store would prove the lie, but most voters, and most of the Press, don't visit gun stores.

But as the off list lower and 80% mania got more and more visible, ambitious politicians sensed an opportunity. Not, I hasten to emphasize, an opportunity to ban guns and make the world a safer place, but an opportunity for more grandstanding and press conferences and even national visibility. The San Bernardino shooting was the catalyst for another opportunity for Culture War victory in the Legislature as well as with the referendum process (why do you think Gavin Newsom's proposition sought to ban something the Legislature had already banned? Because he seriously didn't think the legislation went far enough? No, it was because his name wasn't on it. Again, nothing to do with guns!).

Now we are in 2017 and we are running into people who, yes, really do sorta care about your guns, but they aren't in the Legislature. They are anonymous Culture Warriors in the Harris/Becerra DoJ who sense, correctly, that implementing the 2016 legislation as written would be a Culture War victory for a large number of California gun owners who would be able to throw away their hated bullet buttons. We're talking about potentially hundreds of thousands of AR-15s and other such rifles that could be freely configured in a normal free-state manner. The Legislature probably didn't understand that, and if they did they certainly wouldn't have cared. But the DoJ certainly does. And they do not want to see you win!

So this is not about guns, or safety, or paving the way for tyranny, or any of the other popular slogans. It's about Culture War. It's simply one of the issues the parties use to divide Americans and rally them to their respective flags. There is nothing "liberal" about gun control; there is nothing "conservative" about empowering the masses with free access to firearms (as several recent conversation here on Calguns have revealed: plenty of members don't really believe in a right of the people to keep an bear arms, not if the people are different from them). Essentially, gun control is an urban issue and the defenders of gun rights have more rural values, and that is how the parties are dividing the country these days.

And we can't win, not in California anyway. The reason we can't win is because you guys, the ones with the most to lose, refuse to do what you need to do to win the Culture Wars, which is to make Calguns and the gun rights community a truly big tent and stop driving people away simply because they are different from you or have a different worldview or even because they have two X chromosomes.

But you will never do that, will you? If a "libtard" comes around here you will make sure he knows he's a "libtard" and he is reviled as such and you will make sure he goes away and you will make sure gun rights in California are nothing but a happy memory.
Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
Getting called a DOJ shill has become a rite of passage around here. I've certainly been called that more than once - I've even seen Kes get called that. I haven't seen Red-O get called that yet, which is very suspicious to me, and means he's probably a DOJ shill.

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