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Default The "ten-year-old" rule of secure transportation

The "what is good enough" question is posed often enough that we ought to make up our own rule.

The problem is that "secure" is not defined anywhere, so let's set a minimum level of security that would be obviously too little. This, of course, has no bearing whatsoever on what any LEO might think is "right", but there's no guidance in law, so we're adrift on a sea of "common sense".

I propose the "ten-year-old" rule:
any container which can be opened, entered or otherwise defeated
by an average ten year old boy,
without the key or the combination,
and without cutting or smashing tools,
is too weak to be even laughably called "secure"

I pick "ten" merely because it's a round number - nine or eleven would be just as good - but I picked a pre-adolescent to place reasonably well-known limits on strength and size and dexterity, but allow for considerable ingenuity. (50th Percentile for boys, 10 years -- weight: 72 lb; height: 54 inches)

I picked "boy" because of a stronger tendency for boys to take things apart than is usually shown by girls.

The advantage to creating our own bit of folklore is we don't have to be terribly accurate or terribly precise, and there would not be 'standards' with 'certifying authorities' (for example, as exist for safes).

"If you think it could be defeated by a bare-handed ten-year-old, you oughta buy something better."
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