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smoothy8500 03-02-2021 7:16 AM

February Garand Match and XTC
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February 28th CMP Garand Match. Both an "A" and "B" match were run, 50 and 80 rounds. We were running all SOLO/Silver Mountain e-targets, so no pit duty was required and scores are instantaneous. Positions include Standing Offhand, Seated Rapid, Prone Rapid, Prone slow-fire. Conditions Sunday were a "little bit breezy" making the Standing Offhand a bit challenging. Despite that, several shooters achieved CMP medal scores.

smoothy8500 03-02-2021 7:28 AM

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The "Across the course" or XTC match followed the GSM event. This was shot at 200, 300, and 500yds. The "breezy conditions" started getting a bit gusty as we progressed to the 300yd prone rapids. Unfortunately, the wind dropped just as I was firing my second magazine and I had a nice waterline extending from the X-ring through the 8-ring on the right. Here are a few pictures of a Distinguished Shooter I was squadded with.

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