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Jdssummers 09-14-2018 3:45 AM

How do i delete one of my threads
How do i delete a thread i posted in the wrong place

VictorFranko 09-14-2018 4:12 AM

You don't, a moderator does.

Garv 09-14-2018 7:29 AM

Click the red triangle in the upper right and ask the mods. to delete.

If you haven't, you can edit the content.

Edit, then "go advanced" allows you to edit the title to: mods. please delete.

SarcoBlaster 09-21-2018 6:52 PM


Librarian 09-21-2018 7:08 PM

This is a limitation of the vBulletin software.

Deleting a thread deletes all the replies. Members are free to delete their own posts, but only moderators/admins can delete posts not their own.

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