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1911-CV 04-29-2020 6:10 PM

High Desert Rod & Gun Re-Opens
The range will officially open on May 1st!.

We will have a few simple rules to keep you and our Range officers safe. Please be patient with us as we work together with the new rules:
  • Mask or Face Covering is required at all times on the Range.
  • Please bring your own wipes and hand sanitizer. These items are hard to come by as you know. If you can donate any of these items to us, we would appreciate it.
  • Once you arrive at the gate going up the stairs, please wait to be told to enter. We are only allowing a certain amount of people on the shooting line at a time.
  • Everyone is requested to do social distancing. Our benches are 6 feet apart, please be mindful of other people on the range.
  • Please do not enter the office. We will have a table setup with targets & staplers. If you need anything else, please ask Joe or one of the RSO's.
  • You may want to bring a towel, mat, etc. to put on our carpeted bench tops & seats. Not required, it's up to you. We have no way to clean & sanitize carpeting between shooters.

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