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progunman 05-25-2019 7:24 PM

Store Updates
Find any updates, whether they're auction related or store related!

progunman 05-25-2019 7:24 PM

Have you ever visited our website? We've got so much on there! Learn more about upcoming auctions, buying and selling firearms, visit our YouTube channel, check out our eBay store and so much more!
Gunslinger Auctions

progunman 06-29-2019 9:41 PM

This SUNDAY, 6/30/19, we will be open! We are not open Sundays usually but due to the background check on ammunition starting on the first, we will be open this Sunday for any last minute ammunition sales!

Wordupmybrotha 08-02-2019 10:37 AM

What is the DROS process for auctions? For example, what about fingerprints?

progunman 08-10-2019 4:34 PM


Originally Posted by Wordupmybrotha (Post 23267667)
What is the DROS process for auctions? For example, what about fingerprints?

Hello thanks for reaching out! The DROS process is just like anywhere else. If you're out of state or far enough away in California we will send the firearm(s) that you've won to an FFL of your choosing that you've arranged to receive your firearm(s) with and you'd do the paperwork there, or if you're local you can come in and do all the DROSing. All of our firearms in auction are consigned, so you are able to buy as many handguns as you want as well with no problems. Be sure to read the description of each firearm and you're more than welcome to come in to our store and view the firearms you're interested in before the auction or you can come to the auction day of and view them there. Pictures and descriptions will be uploaded online about a month before auction.

progunman 08-10-2019 4:35 PM

We have a new radio show! It will be on TONIGHT, at 7PM! On KABC 790am Radio! Take a listen to the Gunslinger Hour!

progunman 08-31-2019 5:50 PM


progunman 09-15-2019 8:28 PM

Has anyone tuned into the Gunslinger Hour? Any questions, call our shop at (626) 914-7010. We are also going live on Sunday 29th! If you'd like to call in during the show the number to call is 1(800) 222-5222!

progunman 09-25-2019 7:22 PM

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