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1911-CV 08-17-2018 9:38 AM

High Desert Rod & Gun - Oct 19 - Next Match
The next Steel Challenge Event is scheduled for:
Saturday Oct 19, 2019
at 8046 Yucca Park Lane
Morongo Valley, CA 92256

Click here to sign up
Gates open 7:15 MANDATORY Safety Briefing 7:45.

Shooting starts at 8:00. WHICH DOES NOT MEAN ARRIVE AT 8:00!
Match is over at 11:00.

PLEASE try to arrive before 7:30 for sign in.

1911-CV 09-16-2018 8:32 AM

October 20 Video
Video from the October 2018 event:

1911-CV 11-18-2018 8:25 AM

Nov 17 Video
Beautiful day in the desert.

Watch the fun here

1911-CV 12-03-2018 6:44 PM

December was Toys for Tots
A special High Desert Steel Challenge:

Video of the fun: Watch the fun here

Thank you!

CalGunner90 01-06-2019 4:28 PM

Can just anyone with a pistol come and sign up? Iím trying to get involved but donít know what to do.

torr11 01-09-2019 6:23 PM


Originally Posted by CalGunner90 (Post 22519801)
Can just anyone with a pistol come and sign up? Iím trying to get involved but donít know what to do.

Mi too interested

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1911-CV 01-12-2019 2:10 PM

Come on Out
Everyone is welcome!

There is a safety briefing before the match. It helps to have 5 magazines, but fewer can work (will need someone to reload for you while at the shooter's box). If you have a holster for your gun bring it. But a case works. There is a waiver to sign and that's about it.

We focus on safety and having a good time. No pressure or prizes :-)

More info here

1911-CV 01-21-2019 8:40 AM

Fun in the January Sun
January worked great as the rain ended Thursday and the clear desert skies warmed up nicely.

Video here

1911-CV 02-09-2019 2:40 PM

Feb 16 - Sunshine between the stormy days
Capacity crowd of 50 guns on the one sunny day between the storms.

See the fun here.

1911-CV 03-17-2019 8:22 AM

March Madness
We expanded the registration and ran 59 guns. Everyone had a great time and scores were posted to Practiscore by about 11:30.

Here's some video from the day.

Come on out in April (see top post) but PLEASE arrive around 7:30 for check-in.

Thanks for your help.

1911-CV 04-20-2019 8:35 PM

April Sunshine
Nice big group enjoying the sunshine!

See the video here

1911-CV 05-18-2019 5:05 PM

Magical May
Another great day in the desert sunshine.

Check out the action

1911-CV 06-15-2019 6:00 PM

June Brings Whirly Gigs
Our little party was enhanced by a new acquisition...

Here's the video,

Next match is July 20, see top post to register.

1911-CV 07-21-2019 8:30 AM

July - Bigger and Better Than Ever!
We had 46 shooters and 62 guns, and a new Stage 5 opened in July. Plus whirlygigs built for 22. Nice breeze came up later in the morning to keep temperatures cooler.

See the video here.

Signups have already opened for next month (sign up link is in top post). Only 19 spots left!

Come on out and have some fun.

1911-CV 08-25-2019 11:12 AM

August - Better, Faster, Stronger
We had a great practice session Friday night with tips and coaching from Henry Toribio. Check this out!

The match on Saturday went great as shooters got to play with the whirlygigs again. See the match video

1911-CV 09-22-2019 3:59 PM

Sept - Gets in the Groove
A beautiful desert day with mild temperatures. Crystal clear views and great shooting. Check out the action here September Video

Sign up for the October 19 event (and now you can pay in advance) at the link in the top post.

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