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Clean-Dezert 05-13-2022 8:37 AM

Hodge Road Clean Up July 23rd
Clean-Dezert will be putting on a clean-up off Hodge Road July 23rd

8pm-11pm. Yes at night, this is done for 2 reasons. 1 its way safer as its a heavy use area during the day and cleaning while people are shooting is not as safe as we would like. 2 its hot during the day, but everyone is looking for things to do during summer. So we will have lights and out having fun.

We will be providing free food donated by Deluxe Window Tint and cooked by Badlinesgood times.

There will be a large raffle for all participants, free for all working volunteers.

This will be our 3rd year doing this, last year we filled 3 dumpsters in 3 hours. We will be bringing out 3 dumpsters again this year.

Check out pictures from last year here.

If you have any questions please email me as i dont visit this site much as its blocked at work for me.

Clean-Dezert 06-25-2022 6:31 AM

just a little update as we get close. I have had a few people reach out from the site. we have roughly 15K work of product being raffled off. We have shirts being donated to the first 200 people, and hats for the first 75.

Fox Factory/Trail trust - donated trash grabbers- not a freebie but worth mentioning.
Deluxe Window Tint - is supplying food for the event
Badlinesgoodtimes - Bros are cooking up the food like the bosses they are.
Gravel Kings - Donated hats for the first 75 people signed up and shirts for the first 200
Dewalt - is donating 2 impacts
Boxo Tools - is donating a PA916 Toobox
Locked Offroad- Donated Bump Stops
Heatwave - Donated Glasses
Dynamics Weapon Solutions - Donating a gift card
Anti Gravity Battery - Donated a Jumper Box and Power Supply
Brass Depot - Donated a $500 Gift Card
PRP Seats- $500 worth of gift cards
OGGIS - $250 cash
Turners - Donated $250 in gift cards
Jubera Fab - Donating some fab parts
5150 Whips - A set of lighted whips
Biltwell - Swag
Heatshield products - Swag
Revlock - Full kit including anti seize, lock tight and paint pen
RomoFabworx - Donating a ar500 target
Rebel offroad - $150 Gift card
Yiro Trailers - Trailer GPS Tracker
PCI is donating coozies to first 300 people signed up
Dirt Designs is donating swag and selling shirts with proceeds going to CD
Total Choas is donating upper arms and covering trash bags
John Alagna is keeping you hydrated with water
California 300 is giving a whole visitor experience for the CA300 race
Dirtco is giving away a losi Mint400 RC Car
Fab School is donating a custom firepit to raffle off
Harbor freight donated 30 magnetic rollers for your use.
AWE is donating a raffle prize

still have a few more things coming in from local gun shops and ranges in the barstow area.

bugsy714 06-25-2022 8:46 AM

Very cool thank you for setting all this up

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