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89LT1 10-06-2015 6:23 AM

PA is awesome again
Ordered the Primary Arms micro red dot with removable base and their riser which was on sale (it still is) it was an awesome deal.

In the options to add a riser the PA absolute co witness riser was only $10. I decided for hat price I could give it a try, if it was too heavy or bulky then I would get the Fortis mount. But once I got it this thing it is not going anywhere! The mount is very light, very sturdy, and looks good (not quite as good as the fortis but for the price difference I can definitely live with that).

I cant wait to get it out to shoot, I will also remove the red dot and reinstall it to see how well it will hold zero.

I mentioned calguns in the notes section when I ordered and they even threw in a PA hat!

Thanks again PA. I will be ordering from you again.

PrimaryArms 10-06-2015 9:56 AM

PA is awesome again
Yup! Let me know if you need anything

ronp91773 11-08-2015 7:50 AM

Love your set up
Please tell me more about your set up

89LT1 11-09-2015 7:17 AM


Originally Posted by ronp91773 (Post 17185962)
Please tell me more about your set up


The stock is a Thordsen FRS-15 enhanced stock in black~ an awesome stock the grip is not defined as a pistol grip and it replaces any adjustable stock, two things that are needed for a featureless rifle.

The lower is a Ledesma Arm Manufacturing lower ~ just a normal lower but it was made in chino, CA and I was trying to support a manufacturer in state. I use the ALG ACT trigger Great trigger for the price nice break very little over travel and reset. I did add the JP yellow springs to reduce the trigger pull weight. the safety is the Gavel safety from Ares Armor a ambidextrous safety is highly recommended for the Thordsen stock. The mag release is the Seekins standard mag release button since the rifle is featureless no BB for me! :D

The upper is an Anderson slick side upper ~ this build is my attempt at a light weight set up so this upper removed the dust cover and forward assist at a great price!

The optic is a Primary Arms Micro Dot with removable base on top of the radical firearms absolute co-witness mount. I got to take the rifle out the other week and it performed great on a bright sunny day in so cal. The dot is a little distorted for me but I think that has more to do with my astigmatism, when I rotate the optic the distortion doesn't rotate. If you use the optic properly with two eyes open and looking through the dot to the target it works great! and they were having an awesome sale on the riser so it was only $20! I really wanted the Fortis mount but couldn't pass this deal.

The barrel is a cheap 16" M4 pattern with a 1:7 twist and a giant carbine gas port. I have Seekins precision adjustable gas block on it to reduce the gas and to keep from beating up the Spikes T2 buffer. The BCG is the Ares Armor reduced friction BCG with the black nitride coating (again great price). For a featureless rifle it cant wear a flash hider so right now there isn't anything on the end. I will be purchasing a VG6 Gamma comp and be cutting and pining the comp to com up to 16.1" long. The forearm is a Midwest Industries 15" M-Lock hand guard, its very light considering how long it is. I like to reach far out on the hand guard so i keep it long and the m-lock is very nice to grip.

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