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mict2000 09-17-2022 6:00 PM

Anyone gotten a CCW since Bruen in Alameda Co.?
I applied a month ago and this time they actually accepted my payment so that must be a good sign since before they wouldn't even take my payment and I received a message from a sweet older lady that there was zero chance, but that was before Bruen. The ACSO website is now updated post-Bruen. Anyone have any success? I will keep you folks posted on my progress.

SilveradoColt21 09-18-2022 1:39 AM

Good luck, I applied almost a month ago as well and I have not heard anything since they took my payment :confused:, thinking about reaching out to someone to inquire on the progress...

mict2000 09-21-2022 5:42 PM

Thanks Colt
Wishing you the best as well. I will keep you posted.

BigPimping 09-21-2022 7:35 PM

Maybe the Blue Fairy will grant your wish.

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