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MoondogIndustries 07-26-2021 5:27 PM

When will the range reopen?
The Coyote Point Rifle range is owned and operated by the San Mateo Sheriff's Department.

The Coyote Point Club volunteers to run the range for the Sherif's department on Public nights. The County and Sheriff decide when the range will open up, not the Club. I can honestly say the entire club is anxiously waiting to be allowed to shoot centerfire along with the rest of the public.

As of today, we are currently waiting for the County IT and legal department to complete the building of their online reservation system for the range and installation of an internet-based tablet system at the range to sign in public shooters, which the Club members will get trained on to operate.

As the Club's webmaster, I've volunteered to keep this subforum and our website up to date with news of our opening as soon as I hear it. All I can ask is your continued patience.

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