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15thaf5thbw 09-11-2016 7:34 PM

4-14x44 ACSS in MOA/MOA ???

Any word on a 4-14x44 standard ACSS in MOA/MOA? Checked your sales pages. No joy. And your last post here on anything like this was about 7 months ago.

I was going to get your PA4-14XFFP308 but it is MIL/MIL. Your 4-14x44 ORION is MOA but the reticle is setup for game. So I didn't get that either.

Already have your 1-6x33 standard ACSS for my AR LRR and am now wanting a 4-14 for my M1A.


PrimaryArms 11-19-2016 10:12 PM

Not sure I believe most are mil

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