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Big Chudungus 07-23-2021 12:50 PM

How is everything growing back from last year in CA?
I'm not seeing anything on any "Outdoors" type forums or anything meaningful from any CA or Fed Parks, BLM, etc.

Is there a big increase in pasture and decrease in underbrush, and should that cause increase in grazing animals like deer???

Any note worthy micro-clime changes from less trees and bushes?

Did wild grasses spring up OK after first rains after the fires? Any efforts to seed grasses in burned areas?

Besides some ash is water quality in rivers affected? Isn't the dirt/mud situation about the same since the roots and dead roots are still 98% still in ground?

Whats the politics, and "market forces", of rebuilding or building on recently burned out areas?

NorCalBusa 07-23-2021 2:02 PM

Can't tell, too much smoke...

Big Chudungus 07-23-2021 4:18 PM


Originally Posted by NorCalBusa (Post 25984513)
Can't tell, too much smoke...

Interesting, now that you say that I sorta recall some guy mentioning another guy from up in fire area (who is known as a big blabber mouth) strangely NOT wanting to talk about the big event.:TFH:


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