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NorCal22Gal 05-11-2022 5:15 PM

Project Appleseed Pistol Clinics
Project Appleseed presents: Pistol Clinics
Pistol Clinics, like the Rifle Clinics are a 2 day event focusing on marksmanship. This is not a self-defense class or a CCW class. This clinic is designed to work on the grip, stance and accuracy of pistol shooting. Holsters are not used in this class. Itís great for the beginner and the more advance student
Like the rifle clinic, there is a qualifying target, the PQT, to achieve Pistoleer. A score of 210 or better earns the rank of Pistoleer.
We have 3 Pistol Clinics this year.

Hat Creek Rifle and Pistol Club (10 miles east of Burney, CA)
June 25-26

Red Bluff (Tehama Shooters Association range)
Oct 8-9

NorCal22Gal 05-27-2022 12:57 PM

Still a few tickets left for these two events.

NightingaleM44 05-27-2022 10:49 PM

Any plans for socal clinics?

NorCal22Gal 05-30-2022 9:19 AM

I don't know the answer to that. I believe there was someone checking in to getting some down there. We as instructors have to go through the training first. I'm going to guess next year sometime.

Paseclipse 05-30-2022 9:34 AM

Darn, wish there were clinics in So Cal.

NorCal22Gal 05-31-2022 4:05 PM

Perhaps next year....

NorCal22Gal 06-14-2022 12:33 PM

There are 3 more spots for the June 25-26 event at the Hat Creek Rifle & Pistol Club....

NorCal22Gal 06-18-2022 6:59 PM

Still 3 tickets left for next weekend's event....

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