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bigchinner 05-08-2022 9:19 PM

Camping Lavic lake Volcanic area
Hi there. This is pretty eerie place off highway 40 but some magnificent scenery. ANyone every camp in this area?

200Apples 05-09-2022 8:09 AM

Have not, but will be exploring the territory next fall. I don't like to camp in the desert when temps are much above 80 degrees. No a/c.

Is the place you're thinking of south of the 40? and anywhere near the Old Woman wilderness area? or is it closer to Dagget. I'm obviously not looking at any map right now...


bigchinner 05-10-2022 8:04 PM

South off the 40. I went there to explore. Great place but was by myself and noticed some softer areas not suitable for 4x2 truck. I also almost fell in a hole while pissing. The ground I was standing on gave way. Probably some erosion from thunderstorms.

200Apples 05-11-2022 3:59 PM


Great place but was by myself and noticed some softer areas not suitable for 4x2 truck.

Yeah, I hear you. You were wise to know when to say when. Always best when new to a remote area to do have two or more vee-hickles.

Do you carry any recovery gear? I do, because I'm also in a 4 X 2 (but 2" higher than how it was first built) and I figure I need to have recovery gear even more than someone who drives a 4 X 4, right? Hee!... Alas, there are places I cannot go into because I know I'm limited by my vehicle.

Right now with the way things are in auto sales, manufacturing and what with parts "supply chain issues" I figure I'm lucky to have what I have. I'd love to trade up to a 4 X 4 but it ain't in the card$ at the moment, so I carry a substantial amount of recovery gear in the event I need to attempt self-recovery.

Like you might, I find the desert to be staggeringly beautiful; always have. It's just now that I'm actually beginning to spend more time in it than just target shooting (and then riding motorcycles over half a lifetime ago). I fitting a Webasto 2000W diesel heater to a 5 X 10 "soft road" cargo/camper conversion trailer for cold-weather camping.

I'd thought of getting a group of 4 X 2 soft-roaders together but I figure it'd just be the blind leading the blind... or that it'd be like fighting with one hand tied... We're riding the short bus of offroading, that's for sure.

:laugh: :(

Surf & Turf 05-14-2022 1:17 AM

If you guys put something together, I’d like to join…. Overnighter on a weekend is better for my schedule…

200Apples 05-14-2022 6:11 AM

Where're you located, generally speaking?

Doesn't look like he's interested, but I base that assumption on the frequency of his posts in this thread. Nothing personal.

As for myself, and though I love the Mojave, I don't like camping in it during the hottest months of the year.

It's nice to see others' interest, though. I'd like to get something together in the fall; maybe 2 or 3 high-clearance vehicles to amble through the area (we would not be the only ones - this kind of thing is now popular), or just north of the 40 in the Mojave Preserve. I've been eyeballin' a few places while scanning Maps.

Meanwhile when my little camp trailer project (5 X 10, one axle) is finished (if it's before fall) I'm going to drag it up to Madera County and tour the Sierra foothills and beyond, but between Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings to avoid the crowds.

Surf & Turf 05-14-2022 8:28 PM

I am in OC … love the 395…. Been to bishop and Mammoth a few times ….

Will try to cross over to Yosemite once the 120 opens up…

bigchinner 05-18-2022 11:05 PM

I have an outback and have been working on it a little bit. Nothing serious yet but haven't had much time. I was out on 395 towards Boron and Helendale area but mostly cruising for photo ops with reptiles and the stars. No camping. I will be out there or somewhere out and about the first week of June if all schedules fall where they should or could. I was also out at San Jacinto Wildlife area for a hike. Nice place. I am thinking about going to high 330 shooting area if open still the following weekend. Maybe do some shooting, hauling out some trash and hiking.

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