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Dirtlaw 09-15-2020 11:40 AM

Kimber bolt disassembly
Other than the Kleinendorst tool what options are available for Kimber bolt disassembly? Recommendations? Observations?

Dirtlaw 09-16-2020 7:04 AM

Come On!!! The Calguns brain trust must have something!!!

ar15barrels 09-16-2020 8:42 AM

Post a picture of the underside of the bolt shroud and the cocking piece.
Many cocking pieces can be grabbed in a smooth jaw vise and then you pull the bolt body forward and rotate it to remove the shroud from the bolt.

'ol shooter 09-16-2020 9:52 AM

Which model rifle would be a good start, I have two Kimbers, very different.

mtenenhaus 09-16-2020 5:35 PM

not sure which rifle you have but here's one example....see page 50:

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