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russelljohnson 05-20-2020 11:23 AM


hunterb 05-20-2020 11:33 AM

Primary Arms is great, never had any issues, ordered thousands of dollars worth of items from them over the years. They are a great vendor and one of my favorites.

You do realize you are buying a gun during a "panic" of sorts? Same thing during 2007-08, 2016-17, etc.
All firearms retailers are having stock issues right now. Did you give them a call or email and inquire about the issue?

I ordered some body armor from a well known vendor and it has taken 8 weeks to ship due to the current panic. No big deal, it's expected.

n8vrmind 05-20-2020 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by russelljohnson (Post 24290684)
Just a heads up to anybody ordering from them, I placed an order for 3 firearms 10 days ago for delivery to an active FFL and they have yet to ship the order yet. Their website is showing a 5-day processing time for FFL orders so it's a little disappointing. You may have better luck with another store at this time.

Are you a LEO or exempt person? Or are you referring to lower receivers?

Most complete firearms sold by PA are not CA compliant and can't be owned by CA residents...

Atomic Donut 05-20-2020 5:14 PM


Originally Posted by russelljohnson (Post 24291031)
Only ordered compliant hardware. They're requesting approval from FFLs before they ship because many are closed due to covid19.

Doesn’t sound unreasonable given the times we are in. I drove an hour to a gun store in Contra Costa County only to find out they were closed due to being “non-essential”. I can’t fault any company for requiring confirmation prior to shipping. Thats why I always buy firearms FTF at an FFL.

I have never had an incident with them, they have responded quickly when/if warranty was needed. I buy most of my products through them now to support a good business.

hunterb 05-20-2020 5:47 PM


Originally Posted by russelljohnson (Post 24290907)
I definitely understand the landscape we're in right now. Yes, I've emailed numerous times and asked what information they need to ship but the front line reps don't provide any substantial information regarding the delays.

That being said, somebody from PA corporate reached out and advised they are requiring CA FFLs to approve transfers before they ship. So it looks like some backend communications between PA and the local FFL was lost or delayed, causing the hold on the order.

It would have been more fruitful if they communicated that requirement up front.

That IS annoying but it sounds like it could also partially be your FFL's fault, not Primary Arms.

I have paid a little more in transfer fees from some places ( to use FFL's already on their "appoved" list just to avoid these types of hassles.

But yeah, that requirement of getting an FFL's approval, while understandable, is quite annoying. But I don't see why it should take longer than a 30 second phone call. Not sure if it's Primary Arms fault or your FFL's fault for the delay though. Have you contaced your FFL also? Did they get any communication from Primary Arms? Is your FFL trustworthy? Do you have a relationship with them?

Regardless, thanks for the heads up on this. Putting even more hoops for CA gun buyers to jump through is just insane on a retailer's part and bad customer service IMO.

marsh1 05-27-2020 5:29 AM

Sorry to be late to the thread. In the future anyone can email me directly. That is the quickest way to get my attention!!

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