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Skybot 09-14-2020 4:23 PM

First Gun Cabinet, Invie 4 gun DOJ Safe?
Hi Everyone,

I have one AR pistol and One revolver and one CMMG 9mm upper.

I don't really have a bunch of extra money to spend but realized I needed to be responsible and buy a small gun safe/cabinet. They are expensive. I have limited storage space and saw the Invie 4-gun cabinet. I wanted a keypad and not a digital finger reader. I saw the Invie for 204.00 on Amazon. It had the 3 bolts and seemed to be thick enough to meet the DOJ qualifications. However, I was reading some review and it said that it hadn't been tested or at least there was no comment by the company that it had been tested. the cabinet is due to arrive in the next few days, and now I am thinking that it won't protect me from the law, should something happen such as a break-in.

At the time of purchase I didn't realize that the cabinet had to be certified to/listed as meeting Underwriters Laboratories Residential Security Container rating standards by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).
I guess it didn't register when I was reading what the specs needed to be on the CADOJ site. Do I need to return it and find something else that does have that rating?
What are your thoughts on this.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ 09-14-2020 5:41 PM

First, depending on who's living with you, you're not required to have secure storage for your firearms, though it's a good idea.

People are sometimes concerned about what is certified as secure storage because they want to be able to sign a gun safe affadavit for a long gun purchase and not have to buy a lock. Read the affidavit. A device qualifies three ways:

1) It's been tested to UL Residential Security Container (RSC) standards,

2) It has all the requirements listed in the affidavit, which are also the requirements required in Cal. Code Regs., tit. 11, section 4100.

3) It's on the DOJ roster.

Only needs to be one of the three.

So if you're concerned about satisfying the affidavit, get something that fits one of the above three. Otherwise, get what you think is safe for your needs.

Skybot 09-14-2020 8:20 PM

Thank You so much! I did not realize that it only had to meet one of the requirements and I think that it does. Breathing easier, now.

Thank You!

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