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smoothy8500 12-13-2021 8:12 AM

December midrange match report
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Sunday, December 12th we had our 3 X 500 NRA slow-fire prone match. Approximately a dozen participants showed up and we had 5 e-targets set up. Conditions were great; Sunny with mild temperatures and basically no wind for the first hour or so. The usual wind showed up but was a steady 3/4 value initially 6-8 mph and later progressed to about 8-11 tops. Everything went smooth and we were done shooting by 1pm.

We had about half the shooters in F-class, and the rest shooting Highpower with sling and coat. I was trying out my M110 308AR set up for Highpower. I switched scopes to a Vortex PST 1-4X and really struggled to get comfortable with the large-frame AR. I just couldn't seem to find my NPA with this rifle. This thing is just a beast to handle. I kept dealing with vertical stringing. This rifle shoots great on a bipod for NRA Tactical AR with 15x scope. It's normally a solid 3/4 MOA performer, but just wasn't working out with sling and coat. Definitely need more dry-fire practice, slinging up and snapping in.

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