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bubbala 05-11-2022 3:04 PM

Powder at turners
So,,I guess this is another rant about turners, their website shows H-4350 in says to see store to buy,,my local store tells me it's in a "special" warehouse and to order on line.
But,,there is no facility to order on line.
Back at the store,and manager tells me he can't sell me what he doesn't have in the store.doesn't seem willing to call warehouse.
Which I guess that's why it's in stock,,there's no way to buy it.

ar15barrels 05-11-2022 10:23 PM

I don't know where the main warehouse is now, but 25 years ago, the chino store was in the front of the warehouse and you could get ANYTHING you wanted from the warehouse at that store because they could just walk back into the warehouse and grab it.

gmotoring 05-17-2022 4:47 AM

Stop buying from this company. Support your small LGS. When there any issues the lazy staff at cooperate will not even respond to emails or phone calls.. one way to fix them is to Stop their revenue stream.

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tsoso 05-19-2022 7:28 PM

You forgot to mention they overcharge you for powders and primers primers cost $130 for 1000 before tax sportsman’s is selling them for $7 per 100

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