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BucDan 04-04-2022 12:44 PM

Any incoming AK74 rifles?
As title asks, are you guys getting any future AK 74 shipments in?

Atlantic 04-12-2022 10:10 AM

Nothing set in stone right now. We won't be getting anymore Bulgarian AK74 kits in. Definitely sign up for some stock notifications on the product page and stay tuned, sign up for the daily sales flyer (if you haven't already), etc. best ways to keep posted.

Angrysnarf 04-16-2022 5:30 PM

Any 556 aks?

Atlantic 04-19-2022 8:00 AM

We have stock for the Zastava M90 right now if you're looking for a 5.56 AK.

BucDan 04-23-2022 9:40 PM

Any ETA possibly? What about more Polish rifles?

Atlantic 05-01-2022 6:37 AM

We hope to see more of the WBP Jack rifles in 762x39 arriving in the next 2 -4 weeks .

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