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sean michael 01-18-2020 8:27 AM

Cuisinart CDF-170 3.4-Quart Deep Fryer only $32.99
Normally $70

Blauplow 01-18-2020 9:56 AM

That thing is tiny

sean michael 01-18-2020 4:14 PM


Originally Posted by Blauplow (Post 23798971)
That thing is tiny

That's what she said...

nooner34 01-18-2020 4:52 PM

D!@k move, hahahahahahahahahaha

Scratch705 01-18-2020 5:54 PM

my buddy has a frying in this same size.

comes in handy for quick frying sessions for dinner or snacks.

sure you can't cook up enough food to feed more than 1-2 persons but you also don't have to worry about a huge amount of oil to dispose of every week or month depending on how much you fry up.

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