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Captain Dan 1968 09-17-2021 5:19 AM

How to edit a post
I need cal guns help.
I tried to edit my ad and I don't see an edit logo anywhere where I can click on to start the edit process. Obviously, since I can't edit it I'm not ready to bump it. Could you please check and find out why I don't see the edit logo anywhere on my gun ad at the bottom of my ad. Captain Dan 1968

Librarian 09-17-2021 6:37 AM

Do you not see the 'edit' button, bottom right?

ETA - I see you managed to edit your thread yesterday ...

Captain Dan 1968 09-17-2021 9:08 AM

Please look at my ad
Maybe you can find the edit logo in the lower right corner. I do not see one at all. I have made many ads and the logo is always in the lower right hand corner. Not today. Could you possibly go to my ad and check it out. If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. I would like to edit my ad and bump it up today. Please forgive my confusion since it has never been a problem before. Thank you so much for your understanding. Respectfully submitted, Dan.

Captain Dan 1968 09-17-2021 9:33 AM

I just checked my phone and the format has changed to one that I was more familiar with. Everything is okay now and I was able to make my corrections to my ad and bump it. up I'm sorry to bother
you. Please forgive my confusion but that other format was a little bit different and it confused me. All is well now! Thanks again for your understanding. Respectfully, Dan.

hermosabeach 09-17-2021 10:23 AM

are you using an app like tap a talk?

hermosabeach 09-17-2021 10:25 AM

my post above shows edit

Captain Dan 1968 09-19-2021 10:17 AM

I have a problem. Whenever I want to go to my ad I hit and it will appear in two different formats. One where it's a long single line format and it tells me my number of views and always allows me to find my edit logo. Messages in one long single line works every time. Sometimes however, when I go to it appears in a very short little ad format, usually two or three lines in length,with no edit feature showing. When the single line format is used, my ability to edit works every time. With the long line presentation format I can always find the edit feature(logo) & with the short condensed two or three line version I can never find the edit logo (feature). I would like to know how to get to my ad for the edit logo in a quick and easy manner. I had some difficulty a couple days ago, so I went through marketplace and than to handguns. Now today, it won't let me go to marketplace. Is there a special way where I can always go to and the one long single line pops up. The one long single line format works every time for me and allows me to edit my ad and also to bump my ads. I'm sorry for the silly question, but I just need a quick easy way to get to the edit feature. Respectfully, Dan.

Captain Dan 1968 09-19-2021 10:56 AM

I don't know what you did but immediately after I sent the message to you the original format of one long line popped up & also the edit feature logo. I immediately went to my ads and completed my editing. Thank you so much
Marketplace also popped up where I could use handguns
you can just a few seconds of me sending that message to you I know I have two different ways to edit my post beheaded logo feature pops up right away whatever you did thank you very much I sure would like to know though if there's a secret way of always getting the one long line to pop up I want to make and edit or to get into marketplace and handguns today just a few minutes ago I could do both

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