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Olight Kevin 10-13-2021 3:24 AM

Olight USA 110K Giveaway!!!!
With 2022 just a few months away, we are planning to release the Olight Calendar 2022! To do so, we would like to invite you to join our Facebook Group to participate in the #OCalendar2022 event from Oct. 11th to the 16th. And use your excellent photography skills to help us complete this calendar! Get more details Here.

At the same time, to celebrate our group members are approaching 110K members, so there will be 110 winners in total for this event! Post a picture of your Olights with a seasonal/color/ festival/holiday theme with the hashtag #OCalendar2022 in the group, which will give you a chance to win some amazing prizes (over $4793.9 in total), including:

Round 1 Prizes: Obulb MC Orange(30 winners):tt1:
Round 2 Prizes:i3T Titanium(30 winners):tt1:
Round 3 Prizes:i5T Stardust(30 winners):tt1:
Lucky Prizes: i1R2 Desert Tan(20 winners):tt1:
Grand Prizes: Baton 3 Premium Edition Dragon & Phoenix + Calendar 2022 :tt1: :tt1: :tt1:

Donít miss out! Enter Now to win these amazing prizes!

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