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80% Arms 06-17-2016 9:54 AM

80% Arms Inc. Company Info
80% Arms Inc. is the industry leading manufacturer of 80% jigs ands lowers. We're also a contract precision CNC manufacturing company located in Garden Grove, California. In addition to our manufacturing operations, we have a showroom open to the public Monday - Saturday for service, sales, and support. 80% Arms is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

We take pride in manufacturing premium quality products and best in class customer service. Our products are sold online at, at our showroom, and through an extensive network of online and brick and mortar dealers.

80% Arms is home of the Easy Jig®. Our patented Easy Jig® router based milling system revolutionized the 80% industry by transferring a once tedious process into an enjoyable, fast and easy process, using only common household tools.

Coming this Spring, the GST-9. Our modular 80% Glock compatible pistol with interchangeable G19 and G17 sized grips!

Contact us at:

80% Arms Inc.
12272 Monarch St.
Garden Grove, CA 92841
(949) 354-2767

Showroom Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm PST
Saturday 10am to 2pm PST
Closed Sunday

andy standard 06-21-2016 9:20 PM

Awesome, loving your product

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80% Arms 06-23-2016 1:05 PM

Thank you!

lugnutwrench 09-12-2021 3:35 AM

Why are you working so hard to avoid canceling and refunding my pending order?
If you are still around and monitoring these forums, I would like an explanation of why you refuse to cancel and refund my orders:


I have very serious concerns of whether you remain a viable concern.

80% Arms 09-14-2021 3:10 AM


We typically avoid engaging on public platforms about specific orders, but you have made us aware that our communication was poor, and that is something we are actively trying to work on. We apologize for the frustration and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We are not a vendor on to reply to your post on that forum.

You are correct that we certainly failed in communicating the issue of shipping to a UPS Box and finding a more suitable resolution to your problem as a loyal customer. We primarily ship FedEx/USPS, and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in return-to-sender packages going to UPS boxes. Sometimes it works, but it’s become so unreliable that we’ve moved away from it.

The person you spoke to assumed, incorrectly, that we’ve stopped shipping to UPS boxes because of fraud. This came about because we recently implemented several other policy changes to prevent fraudulent orders. The assumption was incorrect and we’ve performed internal training. We should not guess at the reasons behind our policies.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so it's particularly painful when we've upset a customer this much. As many members of this forum can likely tell you, we go to whatever steps necessary to make things right.

Your order was refunded in full on Thursday 09/09, and shipped in full on Friday 09/10 (dropped off at a UPS Store). If that refund has not already hit your account, it should within the next couple of days. Aside from a full refund, shipping your order in full, and taking training steps with our team, as well as creating new policies for the future so that this doesn't happen again, we're unsure what else we can do for you. However, if there is something that can change your experience with us to be even just a little more positive, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the frustration that our failures in communication have caused you.

80% Arms Team

lugnutwrench 09-14-2021 4:50 AM

Thank you for the clarity. I interpret this as a kindness, and hopefully a sign that my fears of insolvency are unfounded. I will likely ship the items back to you, though. While I'm grateful for the gesture, getting something for nothing never feels right to me.

80% Arms 09-14-2021 2:49 PM

Hi Lugnutwrench,

We appreciate the time you took telling us how we could have done better. We realize your time is valuable and want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Please accept this order as a token of our appreciation. Our sincere hope is we've earned the right to call you a customer again in the future.

Mikes748 09-14-2021 3:01 PM


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