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remydrm 10-12-2021 5:22 PM

HK P2000 IWB holster
Looking for recommendations for an IWB holster. Thanks!

jonc 10-12-2021 5:50 PM

Tulster or Dara

9Cal_OC 10-12-2021 6:28 PM

+1 on Tulster.

Also try Vedder.

Elshauno 10-12-2021 7:02 PM

I can only Find a Tulster for a P2000sk, not the regular P2000.. bummer

TrailerparkTrash 10-12-2021 7:20 PM


Originally Posted by remydrm (Post 26251431)
Looking for recommendations for an IWB holster. Thanks!

VEDDER. Period.

remydrm 10-13-2021 8:11 AM

Thanks for the help. Tulster and Dara only list holsters for the “sk” model. Vedder does show a model correct holster.

Heckler&Coke 10-13-2021 9:51 AM

G-code or JMcustomkydex

SVT-40 10-16-2021 7:03 PM

Try Azusa holsters. They make great leather IWB holsters. They are very comfortable and are well made. For a unlined IWB holsert the cost is 39 bucks shipped.

I just got one for a Sig P365 it's perfect, and shipped super fast.

Rivers 10-17-2021 9:25 AM

Crossbreed SuperTuck. I've used one for over a decade with my HK P2000sk, pretty much identical dimensions except for barrel/slide length and grip (although I use P30 magazines with the X-Grip spacers so it's a full length grip too.) The SuperTuck is pretty much a standard. It does everything I need, when I need. It's comfortable and stays put. It's reliable. And it fits my HK the way a holster should fit. Can't ask for anything more from an IWB holster that is secured to a belt.

If you want a more casual holster, the Remora brand has a few that might appeal to you. No clips or belt brackets on some yet the holster stays pretty well in place. Easy to find the most comfortable fit location and very cost-effective. I also use a Remora with my P2000sk. Drawing is reliable and quick. For reholstering, I place the pistol in the holster (which is in my hand), then put the holster IWB after loosening my belt. Yes, more tedious but it's absolutely safer. That means more to me than convenience. I very much doubt that in the event of a shooting I would be reholstering. More like putting the pistol on the ground for LE to retrieve.

Both the SuperTuck and the Remora are very comfortable for extended driving, well past 6-8 hours on the road.

igs 11-24-2021 8:47 PM

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