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Atlantic Firearms 10-24-2018 3:19 AM

WBP FOX AK47 rifles made in Poland and imported into the United States are now a reality. These are high quality rifles sporting FB Radom Hammer Forged chrome lined barrels, Forged barrel trunnion, Bayonet lug, Scope rail , (BMRRS) Beryl Military Rail Ready System and more. Offered by Atlantic Firearms & Arms of America .

mroblivian 11-12-2018 9:56 AM

are you guys gonna be importing more? once robski made a video testing this within 2 days they flew off the shelves.

sanfermin 11-15-2018 4:38 PM

are these rifle made for the military ? or just private firm making rifle in poland ? like lwrc who make ar 15 style rifle for commercial sales in usa ?

Atlantic Firearms 11-18-2018 5:07 AM

These are made by a private firm in Poland called WBP. The same firm is a military subcontractor for the Polish military Arsenal FB Radom. WBP does also export some of their firearms for military use in other countrys

IronCA 10-01-2019 7:37 PM

Looks like I'm late to the party but do you have any idea when these will be back in stock? or any Arsenal SAM7R?

Atlantic Firearms 10-04-2019 4:35 AM

We hope to see more of the Polish WBP FOX AK47 Rifles arriving in Dec . I would suggest signing up for the Notify me list . Not sure on the SAM 7 they have been very hard to obtain .

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