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WartHog 03-22-2020 4:08 PM

Stony Gorge Reservoir Camping/Fishing?
Anyone have experience Camping/Fishing there? Is it still free? Heard a rumor that California Ground Squirrels are pretty numerous around there. Thinking of taking the PCP Air Rifles along with the fishing gear and sniping the mangy bastidges from the boat or shore if the fishing isn't happening.

yoteassasin 03-22-2020 5:30 PM

Shooting from a boat is extreme No no ...

luckylogger6 03-23-2020 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by yoteassasin (Post 24023658)
Shooting from a boat is extreme No no ...

Why? I know it cant be under engine power or still moving from engine power but nothing wrong with shooting from a boat.

To the OP- Ground squires just came out at my place so I would give it a few more weeks. No current info on Stony Gorge-Sorry

WartHog 04-07-2020 10:58 AM

Just called and was told Stony Gorge Reservoir has been completely shut down due to the Kung Flu bullcrap so the ground squirrels there are safe from us until the virus is gone.

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