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CaliforniaTacticalAcademy 09-13-2021 6:48 AM

Women Only Beginner Handgun Course LVL 1
Women Only Beginner Handgun Course covers safe handling of a handgun, the fundamentals of shooting for beginners.

The Beginner Handgun Course for Women covers the grip, stance, sight alignment/picture, trigger pull and follow-through, loading and unloading as well as understanding and clearing malfunctions.
We have created a low-key, encouraging environment that explains the “how” and the “why” of shooting for beginners.
If you are looking for a handgun safety class, this is your best starter class for handling a gun safely and effectively. This basic handgun training course offered by California Tactical Academy is the fastest way for new women shooters to train with professional instructors and learn handgun safety tips which will help use a firearm for self-defense and as a sport in shooting competitions.

What You Will Learn
We start with choosing the right gun for you (size matters)
Tips and tactics for beginner women shooters (racking and mag changes and more)
All you need to know about gun safety (even if you don’t own a gun)
A better stance for women
Improving accuracy through memory
Why women should learn to shoot

Bring The Following
50-100 rounds of ammunition (Please review ammo restrictions)
Proper clothing for the weather
Snacks, lunch and plenty of water
Notebook/paper and pen
Eye and ear protection (available to rent at the Pro Shop on site)
A good attitude, ready for a fun day!

Instructor Bio
With over 25 years of experience with firearms, 10 of which training others, Jennifer has taught hundreds of women, men, youth & seniors. Currently a certified Ventura County Concealed Weapons instructor and a member/trainer for the NRA “Woman on Target” program supporting and educating females in the shooting sports and the “Disabled Shooting Services Program” that enables those with physical disabilities to participate in shooting sports. Jennifer has a passion for teaching and understands that women learn differently than men. A native of Southern California, Jennifer has lived in Ventura County for over 30 years. During that time she has worked for a variety of large corporations and small businesses throughout Ventura County including AT&T, Bank of America, and Amgen. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, she and her family enjoy horses, dirt bikes, water sports, and shooting sports.

Cost: $249.99
Available dates: October 9, November 13, 2021

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