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shootsocal_dave 08-12-2021 4:07 PM

Glock RMR Cut, Slide Serration & Cerakote. Lightning lead times as fast as SAME DAY
[BNext Day[/B] on standard Glock RMR/Holosun slide cuts and Slide serrations with single color Cerakote.

Glock Optics Cut RMR/Holosun (Bare) $125
Glock Optics Cut RMR/Holosun w/ Cerakote $175 (single Color)
Glock Forward Slide Serrations (Bare) $100
Glock Forward Slide Serrations w/ Cerakote $149
Glock Optics Cut RMR/Holosun with Forward Slide Serrations, & Cerakote $250

Package Deals
Holosun 507c + Optic Cut + Cerakote $500
Holosun 507c + Optic Cut + Serrations + Cerakote $565

**SALE** - Purchase a (in stock) Tricon RMR ($499-$549) and add RMR Cut/Cerakote for $100

Holosun in stock starting at $309

We have hundreds of colors on hand, but every now and then we get asked for one we don't have and have to order it. This could add a few days to your order.

We offer a plethora of other options and service with almost any model, this post is for expedited glock services only. Bring your gun in for a quote for custom work! our standard lead time is between 2-6 weeks depending on the job and how complex your order is.

Drop slide off or ship it to our store (we can ship it back) at 261 e Imperial Hwy #510 Fullerton CA 92835
Walk ins are fine, we usually dont have a line.

shootsocal_dave 08-14-2021 9:58 AM

Drop off today (Sat), pick up next week!

shootsocal_dave 08-24-2021 11:20 AM


shootsocal_dave 08-25-2021 9:32 AM

Current lead time for local
Bare RMR cut SAME DAY before 3pm or NEXT DAY.
add certakote Next day -2 days (most colors are in stock)
add slide serrations 7-10 days

Return Shipping and 1-2 days

shootsocal_dave 08-31-2021 8:54 PM


shootsocal_dave 09-16-2021 4:18 PM


shootsocal_dave 09-16-2021 4:19 PM


splaturn 09-17-2021 9:29 PM

Where can we see pics of your work?

shootsocal_dave 09-23-2021 11:44 AM

You can see our work on Instagram ShootSoCal (store page) and Rat Girl Creations (ShootSoCal's Chief artist's page)


Originally Posted by splaturn (Post 26172227)
Where can we see pics of your work?

shootsocal_dave 09-30-2021 10:16 AM


shootsocal_dave 09-30-2021 6:42 PM

Drop off tomorrow, Pick up Saturday.
Machine work, same day, Cerakote - Next day.

shootsocal_dave 10-06-2021 1:44 PM

1-2 days turn around coated!

shootsocal_dave 10-06-2021 1:48 PM


shootsocal_dave 10-07-2021 12:41 PM

Holosun 507c + Optic Cut + Cerakote $500 (add slide serrations for $65) NEXT DAY

shootsocal_dave 10-08-2021 6:20 PM

You can ship your slide to us and we will return free shipping!

shootsocal_dave 10-09-2021 10:45 AM


shootsocal_dave 10-13-2021 12:20 PM


shootsocal_dave 10-14-2021 9:26 AM

see package deals, NEXT DAY!

hermosabeach 10-14-2021 11:50 AM


Just an FYI
Some of us are not on social media so we can't see your page without
1- downloading the app
2- creating an account

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