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AR-shogun 06-03-2019 6:43 AM

Stop the Bleed class on July 13, 2019 Richmond Rod and Gun Club
Stop the Bleed class on July 13, 2019
0700 - 1200 RR&GC Clubhouse
Cost, $140 comes with 1 RevMedX TX2 tourniquet $40 value
40 students is the max.
9 slots available

Please PM me if you would like to participate in the class.

Breakfast munchies, coffee and juice will be provided
The instructor is Steve Viola Command Master Chief SEAL (ret) This is a very hands-on class.

Steve Viola is a Navy Veteran who served as a Navy Seal. Steve uses this experience for his current and future work, in strategic planning and execution. Assisting clients in risk assessments, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution. This allows his clientele to maximize their potential and reach organizational goals.
Steve held nearly every enlisted leadership position in Naval Special Warfare (NSW), including Command Master Chief and Deputy Force Master Chief-the number two enlisted leader in charge of all NSW personnel.
As a Navy senior enlisted leader, it has helped with the ability to solve problems and develop creative and unique solutions with strong organizational savvy and practical application. Alternatively, it has taught him how to avoid certain problems altogether.
Since his transition Steve is focused on a role as an independent advisor and public speaker for a number of high-level cliental providing them with tailor-made high-resolution programs and products for their requirements. His unique education, qualifications and training in security safety, and as a medical provider has benefited his clientele that require specialized assistance.
Steve also holds the distinct honor to be the first non-physician to be elected as President for the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA). SOMA is the only medical association in the world that brings together the unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness austere, disaster and deployed medicine. Steve was able to recognize the infrastructure of SOMA (inter-service, DOD, inter-agency DOS, DOJ, DOT), and saw it required external layers, and under his leadership SOMA became international. This recognition has helped like-minded professionals in Poland and Australia, securing their respective military and civilian medical agencies and develop their own successful and effective Medical Associations.
He holds advanced degrees from the Ivy league to the bush league, with a Masterís Degree from Tufts University-The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in International relations, a B.S. from Campbell University in Health Science and promoted to the rank of Master Chief in the SEAL Teams.
An avid learner, public speaker and writer Steve is working on a variety of interests and hopes to have his first book out in the summer of 2019. Steve lives between San Antonio Texas and San Diego, California. He met his lovely wife Susan, the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) and secretary of entrepreneurial startups, in their home town San Antonio and they have a wonderful son Jerod.

Eat Dirt 06-03-2019 7:12 AM

Wife and I took this class a year or so back

Great Instructions / Definitely well worth it

So you you think you are OK with just taking first aid classes /// NO

The training you will receive is invaluable
It will make you rethink what you need in your Aid kit

QuarterBoreGunner 06-03-2019 8:01 AM

Dammit! I'm taking a pistol class there the same day or I'd be in. Rats.

prc77 06-03-2019 12:30 PM

only 8 spots left.

prc77 06-04-2019 10:16 AM

only 6 spots left

prc77 06-04-2019 11:45 AM

5 spots left

AR-shogun 06-10-2019 6:56 PM

3 spots left

prc77 06-12-2019 9:09 PM

2 left

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