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vincentvangerven 03-23-2020 11:06 AM

looking for web developer / site maintenance work
problem solved, thanks guys :)

Professor Plink 03-23-2020 12:42 PM

For some weird reason, all of your web pages have use an externally hosted CSS file at This CSS file does not even exist. You might want to see about removing that for starters.

You also have a link to on your "In Stock" page, and that link is not working either.

If you fixed those two issues, your site speed issue might be mostly resolved.

Professor Plink 03-23-2020 12:49 PM

Your product images take a long time to load as well. Might want to see about uploading those to a CDN (like Cloudflare).

Roland Thompson Gunner 03-24-2020 11:47 AM

Hosting CSS files externally is a bad thing. I also wonder what your connection speed is for you site. Who is hosting your site. Are your photos sized correctly? Theres a bunch of questions I have. My recommendation is to have the entire site rebuilt using Wordpress with Gutenberg or DIVI. I would also suggest conisdering a better nav architecture. I develop sites like this frequently.

SkyHawk 03-24-2020 8:34 PM

System info
IP addresses,, 2606:4700:3033::681c:14a9, 2606:4700:3035::681c:15a9

CDN CloudFlare

Redirects to
Redirects to

Web Application Info
Application WordPress
Version 5.3.2

W3 Total Cache 0.13.1

Google Analytics UA-59395247-1
Google Analytics UA-138661432-1

Links found

Javascripts included

Iframes included
No iframes found.

Embedded objects included
No plugins found.

Malware & Security
No malware detected by scan (Low Risk)
No injected spam detected (Low Risk)
No defacements detected (Low Risk)
No internal server errors detected (Low Risk)
Site is up to date (Low Risk): using WordPress 5.3.2

Website Blacklist Status
Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing
Domain clean by McAfee
Domain clean by Sucuri Labs
Domain clean by ESET
Domain clean by PhishTank
Domain clean by Yandex
Domain clean by Opera

Hardening Improvements

Security Headers
Missing security header for ClickJacking Protection. Alternatively, you can use Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'none'.
Missing security header to prevent Content Type sniffing.
Missing Strict-Transport-Security security header.
Missing Content-Security-Policy directive. We recommend to add the following CSP directives (you can use default-src if all values are the same): script-src, object-src, base-uri, frame-src
Leaked PHP version. Your site is displaying your PHP version in the HTTP headers. Please set expose_php = Off. Affected pages:

vincentvangerven 03-25-2020 11:17 AM

thanks for the input guys :)

Have someone working on it and it appears to be much faster already..

ronlglock 04-13-2020 11:48 PM

Sounds like you're happy with the person you found? I need my websites redone to get them out of Dreamweaver and modernize them. Can you send me the info?


Originally Posted by vincentvangerven (Post 24026776)
problem solved, thanks guys :)

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