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Nardo1895 10-08-2020 10:07 AM

Middleman Transfer Help
Hi Phil

I'm a CA firearms dealer that has used your middleman services.

I received a handgun from an out of state FFL. He faxed in the CFLC request to DOJ but as per DOJ they don't accept faxes any longer so the request is in limbo. I'm still trying to work with the guy and DOJ to complete the process but he has little interest in helping me or the guy he sold the handgun to.

Can I ship the handgun to you and have you complete the CFLC and then ship it back to me?

I read on Calguns you are headed out of town for a while. This can wait until you get back, I'd just like to confirm you can do it so I can give my client some options. If you can't do it I have to ship it back to the seller.



audiophil2 10-27-2020 9:50 AM

i can do it

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