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anonymouscuban 11-07-2019 1:26 PM

My Mailman is Gonna Hate Me Today
Expecting a delivery of 12K x 135gr bullets today. That's about 230 pounds. Really hope they were shipped well and the I don't end up with half my bullets like has happened in the past.

baih777 11-07-2019 3:03 PM

Those boxes are going to have shoe marks on them.

anonymouscuban 11-07-2019 5:37 PM

I was home when he showed up. I met him at the curb and carried the one box he had myself. Now I'm concerned. The one box is only a quarter of my order. I'm guessing there should be 3 other boxes. Mailman said it was only 1 but I don't see on the vendor's website that it was partially shipped.

Sent them an email. I'm gonna be pissed if the post office lost or destroyed the other 3 boxes.

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357manny 11-07-2019 5:42 PM

damn. any postal insurance or anything like that?

anonymouscuban 11-07-2019 5:45 PM


Originally Posted by 357manny (Post 23582330)
damn. any postal insurance or anything like that?

Not sure. The vendor has good reviews so I'm hoping they'll take care of me if there is a problem.

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anonymouscuban 11-07-2019 6:21 PM

OK. My wife just let me know that our Informed Delivery service shows there are multiple packages. Only one shows delivered. The other packages show delayed. I guess the vendor's website only shows one tracking number.

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2slo4u 11-07-2019 7:07 PM

Donít worry, Karl Malone is a pretty big guy. :D

Lead Waster 11-08-2019 12:43 PM

I've had bullet packages left right at the front door, and also left right at the fenceline almost on the street. I doubt anyone on foot could steal them. So depends on the delivery guy.

Sometimes an envelope with a starbucks gift card in it can ease their pain! ... left at your front door so that those that go the extra mile get it.

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