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Acebeam 06-14-2022 12:50 AM

Wide Beam for feel more safe
⭐️New Released Headlamp H50 2.0⭐️: 😃😃
You may know Acebeam H50 is the designated headlamp by the expedition China team reported by Geography·China_CCTV.
H50 2.0 rechargeable headlamp is the latest iteration of H50:
🌱With unique parallel 3 LEDs and a TIR lens, the H50 2.0 can reach 2000 Lumens by activating its dual spotlight and floodlight mode;
🌱With 170° Wide-Angle Flood Beam, it ideally covers the field of view of human eyes;
🌱CRI90+ allows for a warm and soft beam that resembles the nature of sunlight;
🌱Featured a USB type-C Charging port to facilitate charging, the Acebeam H50 2.0 headlamp has an IP68 waterproof rating.
🌱The included adjustable headband provides comfort and adjustability for a perfect fit in every situation.
🌱Acebeam H50 2.0 is an excellent illumination tool for many different activities and tasks including professional work and outdoor adventures such as caving, fishing, and hunting trips where you will need to light your path quickly and hands-free.


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