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Danny7741 09-13-2021 1:54 AM

WTB Taser gun Sacramento
Heres a long shot. Looking to buy some kind of taser gun for work (security) but all of the ones online are $800-$1600+.
Wanted to see if anyone on here has one theyed like to sell.

If anyone has any suggestion on where i can get one for a decent price please let me know.

Sorry if this isnt allowed or the wrong forum just wanted to give it a try.

operavoice 09-13-2021 7:09 AM

You can find a single shot for a lot less than that.


ConstitutionallyConscious 09-13-2021 8:55 PM

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Ignatius 09-14-2021 7:02 PM

Check out LockedLoaded, I’ve seen the Taser Pulse Plus for $277 shipped.

You need to add it into your cart to see the discounted price.

Danny7741 09-15-2021 1:40 AM

Thank you guys im looking at a few right now for a decent price!

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