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eastmanwes 05-03-2021 11:40 AM

BLM San Bernadino County
Hi Calguns,

Work is taking me out to San Bernadino County in a few days and looks like I'll have a few spare hours while there.

Are there any good BLM shooting areas generally around / between Yucaipa and Morongo Valley?

Thanks for any input.


Jeepergeo 05-03-2021 5:33 PM

Call BLM. Buy map for the area. They will mark up the map with shooting areas on BLM land if you ask nicely.

In Riverside County, if off road, make sure you know precisely where you are at and if on private land, you need written permission. Otherwise, it is easy to get a tresspass citation.

eastmanwes 05-04-2021 7:13 PM

^^^^^ Jeepergeo thank you, I appreciate it.


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