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trapperjohn 06-09-2015 4:56 PM

SoCal Shotgun/Skeet Clinics INFORMATION PAGE
SoCal Shotgun/Skeet Clinic Information:

NOTE: If you are looking for the Northern California (NorCal) Skeet Clinic, go to the sticky here for information and to sign up.

Background, and a Great Many Thanks to Jordan L.:

In 2010, a gentleman by the name of Jordan L. started the Calguns Skeet Clinic to help introduce clay target shooting to Calgunners. At the time, the members on Calguns weren't too aware of what else a shotgun can do besides tactical application. So Jordan thought it would be a great idea to start the clinic on Calguns.

Jordan convinced Coach Don Ziegler to provide the coaching of the clinic. Jordan and Richard Wilkinson (Captain Dick) assisted Coach Don. In the early days Ken Simpson also pitched in to coach. Unfortunately, a couple years in, Jordan had to remove himself from the coaching duties, leaving only Don and Richard. But together Don and Richard turned out a lot of good shooters, including many (23 at last count) Rookie State, Zone and World Champions.

Without a doubt, many individual shooters, and the shotgunning community at large owes a very large debt of gratitude to Jordan L. and Coach Ziegler for having the foresight, ambition, and drive to organize these very effective clinics. Indeed, the Norcal Shotgun Clinics owe their existence to Jordan's efforts and enthusiasm for introducing new shooters to shotgun (clay) target shooting.

How to sign up:

For clinic dates and space availability, please check on the other (sticky) thread >>> PM Trapperjohn (Dave) your contact info (name & phone #) to register for a scheduled clinic. PLEASE REMEMBER THE DATES THAT YOU HAVE RESERVED!!!

The Details:
  • Do you want to know how to safely handle and shoot shotguns?
  • Interested in learning how to break some clays?
  • Or do you just want to tune up your clay busting skills for trap, skeet, or sporting clays?

Come join the Calguns SoCal skeet clinics and learn how to shoot clay games or just fine tune the skills you already have! These outstanding clinics are held at Triple B Clays in So. El Monte/SoCal. Clinics are open to everyone, and women and older children are especially encouraged to participate as the clinics are a safe, fun, and non-intimidating way to experience shotgunning. Registration to attend must be done via PM as explained above.

In these clinics you will learn the basics of handling your shotgun in skeet shooting. There will be explanation and hands-on instruction on how to make those little spinning orange clays break. All skills learned in these clinics transition well to other clay shooting games such as trap, sporting clays, and 5-stand.

Clinics include:
  • Gun safety and range safety
  • Safe handling and operation of the shotgun
  • Proper gun fit and mounting of the shotgun
  • Basic concepts and understanding of clay target shooting
  • Foot placement, stance, and rotation

All instruction is grounded in time proven techniques. By the end of the day, students will be breaking clays and have the skills needed to start or increase their enjoyment of clay target shooting!

Clinics are not limited to just skeet beginners! Attendees span all ranges of experience in shotgunning. Whether working on a a particular problem or just brushing up on fundamentals or techniques, the clinic benefits shooters of all levels.

Cost is $30 per person for about 4 hours of instruction and coaching. Clinic groups are typically small (4-8 students). Students should plan to stay as late as 1:00 PM, as clinics can run longer depending on the skill level and enthusiasm of the group. Regular Triple B range charges apply, and all students must sign the course liability waiver and obtain a target key (with at least fifty targets loaded) from the Triple B pro shop. Bringing your own gun is preferred, but if you don't have one, the Triple B Clays Pro Shop does rent them for a very affordable price. Every student is responsible to obey & comply with all laws.

Coach Don Ziegler is responsible for 23 NSSA Rookie All Americans ... There are many other Rookie World Champions, Zone Champions, State Champions, All Americans, All Zones & All State shooters he has trained and coached. Coach Ziegler and the clinic are all about bringing new shooters to the game, so he will hold as many clinics as the course can accommodate.

Most skeet coaches will charge anywhere between $200 to $450 per person for a half day of group lessons. So this clinic is not about making money. It is designed to bring new shooters into the game with good solid instruction and lowest possible cost.

Coach Don Ziegler is assisted by Captain Dick (Richard), who is also a Certified Sporting Clays instructor. Any Sporting Clays questions can be directed to him.

What to do:

Sign up for a scheduled clinic date on the SoCal Skeet Clinic sign up thread!

Students meet at 7:45 AM on scheduled weekend clinic dates. Go to field #10 or look for a group of people milling about a nearby skeet field. Students will be instructed on how to sign up with Triple Bs. Most students will need to buy 2 rounds (50 targets) of skeet from the pro-shop to start, they will charge you a $20 deposit for a target key. The deposit will be returned to you when you return the target key. Students must provide their own ammo, or purchase shotshells from the pro shop. Only shotshells with #7.5-#9 shot is allowed at Triple B Clays.

Things you will need, or need to consider:

1) Eye protection such as shooting glasses, or shop glasses. Dark sunglasses are not recommended as they interfere with coaching techniques.

2) Ear plugs or similar effective hearing protection

3) Some kind of shell holder for your waist. A limited number of shell pouches may be available from the coaches, but cargo pants/shorts would work also!

4) Triple B Clays targets cost $11.00 per round of skeet. 3 rounds is about the most that is shot in a clinic, and most clinics will shoot 2 rounds.

5) Shotshells to shoot. Ammo must be appropriate for your gun gauge, and shot size must be #7.5 or smaller (so #7.5, #8, or #9 shot). Bring 2-3 boxes of shells. Good quality ammo is available at the pro shop for fairly reasonable prices. If you are using a loaner gun from the coaches, you will need to purchase ammo from the pro shop in the correct gauge for the loaner gun.

6) Be sure to bring/buy water or drinks to keep hydrated, especially in the warmer months.

7) $30 per person for the coaches.

8) If bringing your own gun, you will need one of three choke tubes in your gun: CYL, SKT, or IC should be good for your first lesson. Chokes such as LM, M, IM, LF, F, XF should be left at home.

9) A cap/hat is very important, and suntan lotion is advisable if it's sunny. Avoid hats that have very large, low, or long brims as these will block your vision for certain targets.

10) If you need a gun or two, please plan to rent from the Triple B Clays Pro Shop.

11) Don't forget to bring your CA Driver License or CA I.D. card for age verification.

12) Please bring a CAMERA!!! We and your fellow students love it when students post pictures of the clinic fun on these forum threads!

13) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude and everyone will have a great time!!

ceh383 06-09-2015 5:34 PM

Dave, the first link is not working.

trapperjohn 06-09-2015 5:48 PM

Yeah, it's being transitioned, so it's not active currently.

But how do you like what's here? Let me know if there are any glaring problems or foibles.

ceh383 06-09-2015 5:59 PM


Originally Posted by trapperjohn (Post 16434075)
But how do you like what's here? Let me know if there are any glaring problems or foibles.

Looks good to me...

shovelon 06-09-2015 6:52 PM


Must one be a Calguns member to attend, or can they be a guest of a member?

trapperjohn 06-09-2015 7:22 PM

No, the clinics are open to everyone; but registration is via a calguns PM to me.

trapperjohn 07-23-2015 11:37 AM

Send a pm to me at

to sign up for these amazing value clinics!

BigFatGuy 07-23-2015 1:55 PM

Those of us who you see listed multiple times, that indicates we have a non-member guest.

trapperjohn 07-23-2015 2:04 PM

Well, yes...and some shooters may be schizophrenic.

Just sayin'.

ceh383 08-14-2015 7:30 PM

Spam post removed.

jww 09-21-2015 8:36 PM


Originally Posted by trapperjohn (Post 16433813)
[SIZE="5"]8) If bringing your own gun, you will need one of three choke tubes in your gun: CYL, SKT, or IC should be good for your first lesson. Chokes such as LM, M, IM, LF, F, XF should be left at home.


I have a Mossberg 500 combo pump with fixed chokes. Would this be allowed on field?

shovelon 09-21-2015 9:24 PM


Originally Posted by jww (Post 16959068)
I have a Mossberg 500 combo pump with fixed chokes. Would this be allowed on field?

Well minimum barrel length is 24" at TripleB Clays I believe. So bring the long barrel. If it is mod or full choke it will hinder your chances at hitting the target. But if you are a beginner it is better to look good trying to hit the target than actually hitting it. These clinics are about fundamentals and form. Once you catch on the hits will come.

There are loaner shotguns available at the clinics if your request one beforehand to TrapperJohn. What they do is check your eye dominance, length of pull on the stock, cheek weld, and comb height among others. That is all before any shooting starts. Some people find out that they should shoot left handed even though they are right handed in all other aspects. My wife and daughter are among those.

Like I said earlier regarding your choke, it is better to request a loaner. However if you choose to shoot your own gun, they will tell you hitting the target does not matter as long as you are practicing the proper technique while trying.

Come on out.

EatsEverything 09-21-2015 9:27 PM

SoCal Shotgun/Skeet Clinics INFORMATION PAGE

Originally Posted by jww (Post 16959068)
I have a Mossberg 500 combo pump with fixed chokes. Would this be allowed on field?

I believe the range has a 20" minimum barrel length, so you can go with the 28" barrel.

HOWEVER, if yours is anything like mine, the 28" has a fixed modified choke that will make it a lot harder for you. If you can switch to a wider choke, great.

You may be better served borrowing a loaner from the clinic. From personal experience, it was a much more rewarding experience than trying to force my 500 to work.

BigFatGuy's the one to ask on making a HD shotgun work for skeet, though. :)

BigFatGuy 09-21-2015 9:57 PM

Yeah, the fixed chokes are usually modified, which coach Z will "strongly suggest" you not use.

However, a shoulder stock and a 20" barrel is all that the field requires.

The pump won't cause you issues until you start trying to shoot doubles, at which point i'tll take you some practice to keep the gun mounted correctly while pumping.

Jordon@PacificSporting 03-16-2017 5:31 PM

Just so everybody is aware, if you are a member of the Clinic and are looking for a Skeet gun, please come by Pacific Sporting Arms. We are now offering an additional discount on all New and Used (non-consignment) Skeet guns for members of the Clinic.

ceh383 03-16-2017 6:09 PM

Cool deal Jordon, that's awesome!

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