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five.five-six 08-02-2020 1:14 PM

Business idea
So Iím thinking that, and unfortunately walmart stopped selling WB, but go on ammo seek and find the cheapest 9mm I can find and pull it all down to sell the primers. Iíd make a fortune overnight!

Itís probably illegal in California.

SanDiego619 08-02-2020 7:50 PM

AFter you sell the primers, you can use the money to buy more ammo and sell the primers, you can double your money every day

Snoopy47 09-02-2020 9:43 AM

That's my idea as well.

Every time I do that the math stops working after the first iteration.

RoundEye 09-07-2020 8:27 PM

Pulling bullets, and decamping brass for primers seems like a lot of work. Maybe if I had kids.

Dr Pete 09-07-2020 9:57 PM

Hire some guys down at the local HD for $15/hour, you'll be rich in no time :shrug:


DueceMcGurk 09-09-2020 6:32 PM

Two Hillbillies went into the watermelon business. Bought melons from the farmers for $1, trucked them across the bridge to the metropolis, sold them in the big city for $.50.

At the end of the year, their bank account was exhausted. One Hillbilly expounded to the other, "see I told you we needed a bigger truck!"

I heard that they switched to the cartridge disassembly business. LOL

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