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pratchett 02-13-2020 5:49 PM

Another great experience!
In the excitement over my new Surefire, I accidentally ordered 2 remote tape switches instead of 1 tape swtitch and 1 dual switch tape cap. It's irritating when you're putting a build together, but it was my own fault.

Somewhere in my RMA request I jokingly wrote "Help me Primary Arms - you're my only hope!"

Within 24 hours, Melissa replied "Never fear - Primary Arms is here!" with an accompanying RMA number. The tail switch and dual switch cap are the same price, and I was hoping for a straight swap and told them so. But in my mind I was bracing myself for the minor annoyance of a credit card refund, and then a re-purchase. Nope - I got an email today with a tracking number saying they made the swap and I didn't need to do any other thing except sit here and wait for my part. WELL DONE PRIMARY ARMS! And thank you Melissa for having a sense of humor.

SR514 02-13-2020 6:19 PM

I have dealt with Melissa myself.
Great customer service at PA

marsh1 03-20-2020 2:19 PM

Thanks for the great feeback!!!!

BlackOpsArms 05-12-2020 8:33 PM

I've purchased at least 10 items from Primary Arms and everytime was a good experience and fast shipping. I work with business owners and called them a few times (+multiple emails) to discuss a unique program and was dissed multiple times. That was disappointing, so I spend my money elsewhere now.

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